Photos by Mandy Egolf


Kathryn Burgess
Co-Owner, Principal Designer


Caleb Burgess
Owner, Builder/GC

Arbor Press started as a concept back in 2011 as a means to brand Caleb's talented wood working projects and blossomed in 2015 as Caleb and Kathryn's full service interior design & remodeling company. Arbor Press is a Veteran Owned company utilizing Kathryn's formal education, work, and talent in the Interior Design field and Caleb's professional project management and construction skills. 

While Kathryn's design work always reflects thoughtful consideration of her client's personality, daily activities, tastes, and relationships, her design style embodies her definition of timelessness; choice, classic, vintage, and vogue. Together, Caleb & Kathryn put their client relationships first and strive to lead their business with professionalism, integrity, and impeccable service.



Our homes are more than just a pretty facade or fancy furnishings. Our homes are our haven. Our homes are where we go for rest, for comfort, for security, for shielding from the world.

Our homes reach further than our own selves though. 

Our homes provide us with an environment to foster relationships, build community, nurture a dear soul, and comfort a weary traveler. 

You see, the way our home looks and feels directly affects not only our well-being but also the well-being of others. Our home's reach is far. With a warm and cozy place to rest, we provide our guests a feeling of comfort and safety. With a sunny little breakfast nook, we provide a place of intimate conversation with a dear friend. With a soft place to sit, we provide a venue for laughter, camaraderie, and fellowship. 

Here at Arbor Press, helping you create an environment where you, your friends, family, and neighbors feel nurtured is our greatest passion. We believe homes are meant to be shared so community can be made to grow stronger.

Let us help you create your Higher Purpose Home.