I've Fallen In Love - With the Divine Simplicity of European Design.

I always knew that juxtaposition in interior design made my heart beat faster, and that is why I considered my self a "transitional style" designer. Transitional style mixes traditional and contemporary design in a flattering way so as to create more visual interest and appeal vs a flat, single style design. 

However, I'm discovering more and more within myself my love for the divine simplicity of European design. To be more specific, the contrast and compliment of traditional European architecture with all it's moldings and millwork just dripping with style and quality craftsmanship paired with subtle, subdued, and simple furnishings and accessories. 

I've always loved this style, but lately I've grown to crave it. Maybe my life with three little kids has something to do with the greater enjoyment of simplicity (not lacking in exquisite design details), but I'm welcoming this change into my life with arms wide open. 

Additionally, I'm craving simplicity in materials. Time is fleeting, and I've come to realize that "stuff" gets in the way of enjoying the moment with people who matter most. I've been weary of the extensive clean up routine along with the anxious and agitated mentality that comes with having and maintaining too much. 

I'd like to think that simple, thoughtful design details will be most beneficial to our American way of life. I'd like to think that we can change some of our constant hustle and overstuffed lives with a dose of simplicity in our homes. 

In the future of Arbor Atelier, I hope to show you more of this side of the design world encouraging you to simplify your home, and in turn, your life.