Interior Design

The Beginning of Something Wonderful

Hi there, Friends.

For those of you who know me really well, you also know that interior design is my absolute passion. I believe in it. Really. I believe that surrounding yourself with the comfort and the beauty and the function of your own well designed home will completely change your life. No, I'm not comparing it to Salvation in Christ, but the changes it makes to how you function daily, to how your mood is lifted daily, to how well you can accommodate your family, friends, and community, those changes are monumental.

Please don't get me wrong in assuming that I believe if your home isn't "perfect," then you cannot accommodate your friends, family, and community, or even yourself, because that would be a ridiculous notion. My own home is not "perfection". But from personal experience, design well-done is a serious life enhancement that directly affects your every day mood. And doesn't your mood affect your relationships? Your productivity? Good design goes beyond the psychological too. Good design affects the efficiency of your daily tasks and protects your valuable time. 

As I type this post, I can't help but think of the book, "The Perfectly Imperfect Home," by Deborah Needleman. The book is an excellent reminder that design is also imperfect. For instance, there are thousands of different ways a room can be designed, and all of them can meet your needs. No design is perfect, but all design should be good. We can all live well and host well in our imperfect homes. After all, the most important part of making yourself and others comfortable in your home is you and your love and care for your community. But good design really elevates our comfort to a higher level.

 As many of you have noticed, the hubs and I started our interior design and remodeling business together. I say "started" because yes, we've officially started, but there is also still so much work to be done. Our mission is to encourage our community to grow stronger as nurturing ourselves and our relationships becomes easier through good Interior Design. 

Would you please spread the word? If you value good Interior Design and desire a more accommodating home to host in but do not have the time or skills to create the home of your dreams, we can help you make it happen! Let's talk today. 

- Kathryn Gail