The #LippieProject | BEFORE

Information Gathering

I received a phone call in May, 2016 from my clients requesting professional interior design for their great room. They had just moved from their compartmentalized home of 20 years in Washington to this open concept home in Colorado Springs.

During our complimentary consultation, I discovered that their biggest concern was how to make an open floor plan flow together seamlessly, and how to make such a vast space feel warm and welcoming.

When I asked what changes they were looking for in their home, my clients mentioned specifics such as their dislike of the style of their light fixtures, the need for under cabinet lighting and hardware on all the cabinets, and their desire for a door dividing their master bedroom and master bathroom. Lastly, even though their kitchen functioned properly, they really weren't fond of it aesthetically. 

As for the color scheme, my client's loved earthy tones such as warm greens, rusty coppers, and muddy blues. Fortunately, their existing furnishings and fireplace stone reflected these tastes. 

Over the course of a few more meetings, my clients opened up to sharing what treasures they value. Both of them dabble in art and have an appreciation (and collection!) of photography, and pottery. All these important details are considered and implemented into the final design. 

The Space Before

You can see the before photos of the kitchen and living space below. My clients' ceilings are 10' high, and the existing cabinetry did nothing to emphasize the lovely ceiling height. The cabinets were dark and underwhelming. 

We could say that the fireplace was underwhelming as well with the bump out blending in with the wall. Televisions aren't typically aesthetically pleasing, so we decided to address both of these issues by highlighting the fireplace (and creating balance between the kitchen height and fireplace height) through paint. The new paint color will also make the TV recede into the background.

All furnishings are the client's originals and were worked into the overall design.

Conceptualizing A Beautiful New Space

My job requires connecting these details with the overall picture and mood of the space all while keeping the design true to the architecture of the home, my clients' tastes, and the budget! 

Information gathering is the very first step in the interior design process. The more we can gather about specific wants, desired mood, and what our clients value, the better custom design we can create for them. 

We decided to tackle the kitchen even though that wasn't in their original plans. With the kitchen as the central place in the home, all the design elements branch off of it, and so it makes sense to include the kitchen as the jumping off point. 

After a month of conceptualizing, we nailed down the final look of the overall great room design. We injected brass, copper, oil rubbed bronze, warm greens, earthy slates, and soft textures. We wanted to keep the arches in the cabinetry for continuity in the flow of the architecture of the home which had several arched walkways.

Any number of windows are open on our computer at all times. Here is a screen shot of my brainstorm session with colors, textures, and specific items we picked out for the Lippie Project. 

One of our presentation boards includes hand drawn and watercolored renderings of the kitchen.  

This board is a presentation of the foyer and includes a rendering for the custom track door for the master bedroom and bathroom. 

Not included in the pictures are the custom solar shades and linen drapery chosen for the wall of windows. We chose solar shades with the greatest visibility so that our clients could still see out over the golf course at the same time the shades were drawn and the sun was filtered. 

I hope you are able to see how design evolves and that each project is custom created for our clients best interests. 

Stay tuned for the reveal!