We at Arbor Press believe that clarity in the design process proves valuable in setting expectations and ensuring a good relationship between the client and the designer. We don't want to mismanage your expectations, so we do our best to give you the facts up front.


"What can I expect from the Interior Design Process?"

There is no short answer to this question, and with every unique project, the answer can be different. However, below is our basic outline:

Phone Consultation

  • I ask you questions such as "What led you to look for an Interior Designer?" and "Have you worked with an Interior Designer before?"

In-Home Consultation

  • I get to know you personally and ask you questions such as "What is it that you do for a living?" and "What are your hobbies?"
  • I ask you about how you use your home, what works for you, and what doesn't work for you. I ask you about your dreams and desires and what makes you feel luxurious. 
  • We determine the scope of the project and discuss real-world costs in implementing your dreams.

Consecutive Meetings

  • The scope of the project determines how many consecutive meetings we hold before the final presentation. These meetings are important for making sure the project design is on the right track and that the project is projected to be on budget.

Final Presentation

  • We've made it to the final presentation where you approve the details of the project as the majority of planning is behind us.

Purchasing, Tracking, Receiving Phase

  • Approved goods are purchased, tracked, shipped, tracked, received, inspected, and stored until white glove delivery during the installation phase. Sometimes it is necessary to return an item if it doesn't meet our standards, and another item (or the same if it was broken) will be researched, approved, purchased, tracked, shipped, tracked, received, inspected and stored. 
  • Budget continues to be analyzed. 
  • Be aware that this phase will feel unproductive to you as a client because this work takes time and is primarily all done on our end. However, we will send you updates weekly as to the progress being made on your behalf.

Construction and Design Implementation Phase

  • We collaborate with contractors and tradespeople to insure they understand the overall scope and details of the design.
  • In this phase, construction begins and we manage the process so that we are better able to catch mistakes in their earliest phase. In addition, we orchestrate the workflow of tradespeople in the construction zone if the project does not require a general contractor.

Design Installation Phase

  • Here we install all your furniture and accessories in completion of your fantastic home design. Along with the furniture and accessories, we think of the details needed to complete this phase such as extra light bulbs, batteries, carpet tape etc. 
  • We always request that our clients take a vacation or find a friend to stay with during the installation phase in order to insure that there is no peeking until the final reveal.

Final Reveal!

  • Everything is in its perfect place and ready for the big reveal! We like to throwing a "housewarming" party so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the space for the very first time together. 

Are you ready to design the space of your dreams? There is no better time like the present. Let's talk!

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