How We Provide Value Through Clear Communication, & Transparency

I get questions often from clients or potential clients who want to know exactly what to expect from the interior design process. From billing to relationships to results, there are quite a few fears of the unknown that keep potential clients from either taking that step forward in hiring an interior designer, or even just fears that cause friction between the client and designer as expectations for the design process have not been well conveyed. 

To address these fears, we do our best to provide clear communication and transparency throughout the design process.

Clear Communication

The best designer/client relationships are those where both parties clearly understand the contract and design process. After our initial phone consultation, we send you our New Client Packet with information about our firm, frequently asked questions, and our Letter of Agreement for your review. Our New Client Packet provides clarity on how we work right from the start so that you don't invest your time in us if we are not the right fit for you. 


We demonstrate transparency through thoroughly reviewing our Letter of Agreement with our clients. Additionally, all billing questions are discussed and answered before anyone adds their signature to the Letter of Agreement.

Let's take transparency a step further. On products that are purchased through our firm, we include our cost plus markup on all invoices so that you can clearly see exactly what you are being charged - no cost bundling here!