Ultimately, it is our desire to help you create a Higher Purpose home. We know your soul needs to feel nurtured and rejuvenated so we consider your well-being first, from the functionality of a kitchen to maximizing of natural light through paint and window treatments. In addition, we get you thinking of the details your guests will experience while staying in your home from the type of reading light by the guest bed to the comfort of a well stocked bathroom full of special treats.

Your home is more than mere furnishings. Your home's Higher Purpose is to foster relationships and nurture your soul. We can make that happen.      

Arbor Press is a husband and wife team dedicated to quality, timeless interior design and remodeling. They craft custom interiors to meet the beauty and functionality their clients deserve. From custom built casegoods, to the design, layout, and construction of interiors, all your wants and needs are carefully considered.                                                                                                                                             

Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, advanced her skills through experience in the kitchen and bath industry, and continues to educate herself with forward, timeless design concepts and styles.                                                                                                        

Caleb's expertise lies within project management and carpentry, and he practices both professionally.                                                         


Your home's reach is far. We strive to help you create a haven home environment designed for a Higher Purpose - nurturing your own soul as well as those in your community.